Chock Full of Notions

This article has been making the rounds a lot on FB. It seems like a lot of nonsense into which one may read a lot of sense. Some thoughts about this mess of nonsense and sensibilities:

  1. “It’s a performance” applies to anything. “Authenticity” is not the opposite of performance, but is also performed – it is, after all, a concept which by definition is only visible in performance.
  2. “Act like a dude but look like a supermodel” expresses a false dichotomy. These 2 dimensions may indeed be the dimensions that society values the most, and it may also be true that for most people progress in these 2 dimensions are a trade-off, while for JLaw it is such that there is less of a trade-off. But there are many other possible dimensions of value one could imagine, and so to count ‘cool’ as measured along these two dimensions is obviously a set-up to say either: (A) don’t envy JLaw, (B) don’t worship ‘cool’, or (C) fuck society for setting these two dimensions up. All of which are valid, and allow you to read what you please. But all of which are smarmy as hell.

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