Week 2, Tuesday: Crossing the Streams?

Not the most roaring starts to the week, but some good quality work was done with Sassoon’s stuff this afternoon. This was the paper on rule vs. similarity categorization processes (her ‘RS hypothesis’).

Monday I attended Mitcho’s semantics class again, and between the problem set from before class and the class time, I felt it actually helped a lot with understanding where Sassoon is coming from, because basically the assumption is that the reader has a fair amount of¬†experience working with formal semantics.

While I really enjoyed working through Sassoon’s stuff, it does raise the puzzle of whether definiteness will be the way to go, or if the semantics of, say, nouns vs. adjectives in a contact language based on very different types of languages will be the way to go. The fleeting thought crossed my mind, that if these could be synthesized the thesis would be all but written – a delusion, of course, given the nature of the task of writing. I shall sleep on this idea, however.


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