Week 5 (Friday): Pro Drop

It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. It’s definitely not been a good three weeks for the thesis. Some non-thesis things got done, like getting my IPPT cleared, and Chinese New Year.

At the same time I did some peripheral things like making my Honours Thesis document template. I adapted the Carleton College comps project template to our department’s requirements. That’s some time saved somewhere down the line.

I also collected a range of interesting and potentially relevant Singlish utterances on a document sheet in gb4e (so at least I can copy the relevant ones easily to my document). I now have a modest array of data, an array which actually covers quite a nice spread of phenomena.

The elephant in my mental room however, is still in identifying and articulating their nexus of commonality. That feeling of not having made headway is accurate in at least this respect.

Today, I continued crunching through my data list, sorting it and writing some preliminary analyses. In the process I ended up reading about pro-drop, including Sato and Kim’s influential paper on radical pro drop in CSE.


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