On the ‘Curly Fry Conundrum’

In response to this video from TEDxMidAtlantic.

Know-how as a form of power is, when massively coordinated and aggregated, difficult to resist. To go with small-ness in the form of local or otherwise micro-communities is a form of resistance to the market powers you sense would gladly exploit you with the minimum effort possible. But such resistance is only possible if you yourself sense it. Depending on the strength of that understanding, the counter-pushes may end up winning you back in the end.

Yet another form of resistance is to constantly morph so as to evade easy classification, or at least to allow it only on some terms. Where this used to be necessary mainly for the famous, now we’re all watched, and so it becomes a necessary skill. But the bar for understanding here is even higher.

These resistances take place in tiny ways that we may not even imagine as resistance. There’s no big enemy to resist, really, but, in someone else‘s words, ‘it is the wraparound presence of the machine that oppresses us’, the ‘machine’ here being only the thing that wraps around. And if we don’t even know we’re resisting, I imagine it is much harder to know when we’re succumbing, inasmuch as that’s at least more comfortable. I think it’s wrong to take for granted that people know how.